Stress Balls for Relaxation

A promotional stress ball is a hand exercise ball made of malleable foam rubber, which is compressed in the hand and crushed by the fingers. Used to ease stress and alleviate muscle strain or to exert the muscles of the hand. Our promotional stress balls also in some ways help with anger management by reducing stress.  These squeezable custom stress balls can help to relax your hand and vent your tension. Custom stress balls have become increasingly fashionable throughout the years because most people are acquainted with them and for good cause. A careful study has shown that promotional stress balls can improve emotional soundness and produce remarkable relaxation.

Our promotional stress balls come in a wide variety of shapes and themes.  They help you accomplish a multitude of things besides decreasing your stress level, to improving blood circulation to loosening clenched muscles. The shaped or style you pick depends on your individual preference for your marketing campaign. It can be personalized with a message that will help you focus and concentrate on getting your message into the hands of your potential customers. Our promotional stress balls which are mostly designed to fit in your palm and can be used by anyone.  Apart from stress relief, these custom stress balls can play a major role in your advertising efforts.

Breast Stress Balls

Promotional Breast Stress Balls. Excellent for Medical and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Custom stress balls are known to serve as a fun distraction, they can be used anytime or anywhere. It is easily accessible when you need a daily form of relaxation in your routine to unwind and refresh. Custom stress balls can also help you concentrate, loosen up and ease unnecessary pressure, which leads to increased productivity.

Either you have a custom stress ball on your work desk, or you have seen some stressed out office workers use them in a funny manner. This will make you realize that these make great giveaways that you can provide to your guests or prospects to help them relax and reduce stress.  A promotional stress ball also improves muscle tone and relaxes the nervous system.  It acts as a stimulant to the muscles making them stronger and helps reduce stress levels by relieving tension.

Bulldozer Stress Balls

Bulldozer Stress Balls great for Excavating Contractors and Construction Companies.

Custom stress balls also help reduce the stress of everyday activities like writing and typing which demands the focused use of the hands. Custom balls also serve as part of the workout routine which helps exercise the fingers and hands.

Living a reduced stress and tension free life is an important factor to promote wellness and experience a more enjoyable quality of life.  Your clients will use our promotional stress ball frequently to relax and your logo and or message will stay in the hands of your clients.  These custom balls are a natural and inexpensive tool to combat stress and keep your message in front of your customer.

The perks of using a stress ball

Life today has become busier than it was ever in the past. Hence, it comes as no
wonder that people are more prone to stress today than they were a few decades ago. This has, in turn, led to a lot of health concerns such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart ailments, all of which are fatal in nature.
Controlling stress levels is not just important for the physical well being, but also mental health. There are many ways of managing stress, ranging from taking a walk in the park to yoga and meditation. But these are activities that require a significant amount of time. Therefore, people seek stress relievers that can help them de-stress immediately without leaving their office desk or their home. This is where the stress ball comes into play.

Stress Relievers

The stress ball is one of the most affordable stress relievers that are available today. Using these balls not just helps you overcome stress, but also exercises the muscles of your finger and hand. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for those who spend hours in front of their desks typing away on their computer. When you squeeze the stress ball, it creates tension in the muscles of your hand. As you release, these muscles relax. We also tend to take deep breaths as we squeeze and release the ball. All these actions are essential to eliminate stress from the body.

Stress Ball

Another reason why the stress ball is considered the most effective of all stress relievers is because it improves blood circulation and helps in nerve stimulation. The limbic portion of the brain is responsible for the emotions that humans feel. Stimulating this part of the brain is essential for the secretion of endocrine which is a natural relaxant and pain reliever. When we squeeze the stress ball, the nerves in this part of our hand transmit signals to the limbic area of the brain. This in turn produces endocrine which helps us relax.