Floating Sperm and Egg Pens for Customized Promotions

Despite technological advancements, pens play an integral part of everyday human life. They help us translate our thoughts into written words, sketch images on paper, imprint on works of art, sign checks and agreements, and so on. Pens have gone beyond traditional and generic hollow plastic tubes with ink cartridges fitted in them into attractive custom-made designs that carry personalized messages. The floating sperm and egg pen are just one type of pen design. In this design, the bottom half the enclosure houses the ink cartridge, while the top part is a clear cylinder containing miniature objects crafted into sperm and egg floating in a liquid.

The idea behind the custom floating sperm and egg shaped pen is simple.  It shows the basics of how human life forms, how life reproduces.  The design behind the custom floating sperm and egg pen is based on science. An imprinted floating sperm and egg pen can be a conversation starter in a biology class, in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or anywhere.  It is a unique and exciting way to remind us of the gift of life.

Floating Sperm and Egg Pen

Floating Sperm and Egg Pen for Customized Promotions

Logo designs, contact info, awareness information or events details can be imprinted on them. These ballpoint ink pens can be used as giveaways by medical clinic’s, hospitals, fertility specialist, doctor’s offices, non-profits and reproductive services. These personalized floating sperm and egg pen carry a custom message and speak to the user whenever they are in their hand.  The custom floating sperm and egg pen is just one design, but the floating style pen is not limited to having sperms and eggs in the upper section of the tube.  The floating items can be almost any item.  For example, some Floating pens contain floating eyeballs, soccer balls, baseballs, hearts, gold dust as well as many others. We can even create a custom design with miniature floating items of your choice.

Like other pens, our custom floating sperm and egg pens  are custom imprinted with stock colors like colors such as blue, black, red, green, etc. or we can even perform color matching for a specific PMS color.  Use this pen for all of your writing needs, including notes or drawing your favorite sketches. This pen’s unique design makes it a memorable giveaway.  Because of their floating design they are very popular.

Sperm and Egg Pens

Sperm and Egg Pens for Medical and Reproductive Services

Our personalized floating egg and sperm pen have evolved beyond just writing pens and become collectable items because they are unique and make great conversation pieces.  With all of the variations in floating these appeals to many different business concepts. With your information or awareness messages imprinted on them, they remain in circulation marketing your brand indefinitely.  These pens are comfortable and easy to write with.

Floating Sperm and Egg Pens are a great marketing tool for the medical industry.  Check out our assortment of Floating pens today and place your order.

Novelty Pens Make Writing Fun

Put a little fun back into writing with our personalized novelty pens. From theme pens to fun shaped pens, they are wonderful giveaways and gifts for clients and employees. These novelty pens would brighten up the office, classroom, and pen holder. Browse through our collection now and select your favorite design. Promotional Novelty pens are colorful and fun, making it interesting and attractive to all, especially potential clients using the pens. It’s fun and to write with novelty pens.  Employees also like these pens, because it creates a sense of loyalty to write using your favorite personalized novelty pen.

Novelty Paint Brush Pens

Novelty Paint Brush Pens

Promotional novelty pens are an ideal way to promote your branding. Whether you are building brand awareness in your locality, trying to reach out to already existing customers, or solicit new customers, these pens make great tradeshow giveaway items for this purpose. We have high-quality pens specially designed to meet your business needs. You can choose from our collection a design that suits your brand. You can imprint a message or logo that gives your personalized novelty pen a custom appeal. You can choose a promotional novelty pen which reminds your clients of your valuable brand and services. Or, you can get personalized novelty pen just to make them smile. We have several styles to choose from depending on your needs and available to fit within your budget.
Personalized novelty pens are suitable for business events and other special events that allow you to build connections and gain contacts. It is a fun and easy way to start conversion. The bright and colorful fun designs will make it easy for customers and associates to remember you. Remember that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, put your brand image on our personalized novelty pens and watch it spread effortlessly. Your customers and associates will appreciate a novelty pen with your logo of message on it.
Promotional novelty pens are conversation starters.  Send to your loyal customers so they can use it to write down important meetings. These gifts can also serve as a gift for your employees for daily use. By using the company pens your employees will gladly show off the company pride and brand.

Novelty Level Pens

Novelty Level Pens

Personalized novelty pens made from high-quality materials can withstand daily use. Whether you are a story writer or an office worker, these pens will serve till the last drop of ink in the tube. It is super ideal for fast-paced business expositions and conferences where. It is an easy way to advertise your brand in a public gathering. Whether you are reaching out to old loyal customers or meeting potential new clients, these pens should be inclusive in your marketing plan.
You can browse our collection of personalized novelty pens today and make choose one that fits your business needs. Our promotional novelty pens will catch the attention of potential customers. In addition to our novelty pen options, be sure to check out our selection of business promotional pens.

Novelty Pens to Write With and make you Smile

There are novelty pens that combine creative ideas and fun, making your pen look, really interesting, attention grabbing and funny all at the same time. There are fun pens which you can gift to your customers. There are pens that can be used to reward co-workers. There are pens that can make you smile even during tough hours. There are pens such as goofy ones which have a whacky look portraying a laughing joker or a crazy guy who can make you smile. The novelty pen comes with a suction cup base that ensures you can carry the pen around easily. The figurine in some pens can be tapped making the face or the figure wobble forward and backwards. Some pens even come with other unique features and innovative aspects such as laughing sounds that can be heard when you press them.

Dog Novelty Pen

Personalized Novelty Pens can be found easily. Quality and appearance are very important.  That is why it is a great idea to order these pens online at great prices. You can get some of the most unique, colorful, creative and funny pens, for a great price. You can get a lower price by ordering in bulk. You can also get the benefit of custom designing and personalization to an extent that you can get your own message, company logo, etc. printed on the pens. In fact, you can also pick and choose the color, size and font in which the message or writing will appear on the pen. There are dozens of different fonts from which to pick.  You will want to choose the one that suits your preferences.

Novelty Dog Pens

Novelty pens look unique but are also designed to last long. They are designed for everyday use. Some pens are also designed with a good grip so that you can write comfortably with them. Even the most bulky looking pens are curved enough at the center for easy handling. Even pens in unique shapes like the spine pen or the giraffe pen can be handled easily and used with ease. The best retractable ball pens can be ordered in bulk and personalized for a variety of uses. Many novelty pens are available in an assortment of colors and are also ideal for stimulating creative thought.

Be creative and use novelty pens for promotional events

Being your own boss is the trend of the day! An increasing number of people are throwing in the towel at their workplace and entering the world of business. Every day, there are many people who foray into business with the hopes of making it big. However, only a few of them are able to reach the destination they intended to. The businesses that succeed are the ones that reached out effectively to their target audience and showcased their presence. The type of promotional products chosen has a direct impact on the success of the business. Products such as novelty pens are the best bet in terms of marketing your business.

Gone are the days when businesses did not think twice about buying merchandize such as bags and watches. Today, businesses are looking for cost effective promotional items that serve the purpose without emptying their coffers. This is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the novelty pen as promotional materials. These pens are unlike the regular pens that are used by children and corporate professionals. These are fun pens that have the ability to brighten up the day of any person. Therefore, people tend to use it for longer and even preserve it for years. This can work in favor of your business since you can be assured about business from prospective audience.

The effectiveness as the novelty pen as a promotional material further increases when you get the details of your company such as the logo, website URL, physical address, email address and contact number imprinted on the pens. These are the details that your target audience will normally need when they have to get in touch with you for their requirements, therefore resulting in increased business. The world of novelty pens is wide and varied. There are a plethora of designs that you can choose from. Though there is no dearth of choices, it is recommended that you opt for ones that represent your business. For example, if you are an airlines operator, it is wise to opt for pens that are shaped like an aeroplane. On the other hand, if you are a florist, you can promote your business with the help of pens that are shaped like flowers.

With the passage of time, there are newer designs foraying into the market. Each of these designs can serve myriad purposes and efficiently drive your business towards growth. If you are looking for the best deals, it is ideal to buy these pens from online stores that allow you to customize them and get the details imprinted on it at prices that are easy on your wallet. These are among the few products that can bring about high returns on investment.