Floating Sperm and Egg Pens for Customized Promotions

Despite technological advancements, pens play an integral part of everyday human life. They help us translate our thoughts into written words, sketch images on paper, imprint on works of art, sign checks and agreements, and so on. Pens have gone beyond traditional and generic hollow plastic tubes with ink cartridges fitted in them into attractive custom-made designs that carry personalized messages. The floating sperm and egg pen are just one type of pen design. In this design, the bottom half the enclosure houses the ink cartridge, while the top part is a clear cylinder containing miniature objects crafted into sperm and egg floating in a liquid.

The idea behind the custom floating sperm and egg shaped pen is simple.  It shows the basics of how human life forms, how life reproduces.  The design behind the custom floating sperm and egg pen is based on science. An imprinted floating sperm and egg pen can be a conversation starter in a biology class, in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or anywhere.  It is a unique and exciting way to remind us of the gift of life.

Floating Sperm and Egg Pen

Floating Sperm and Egg Pen for Customized Promotions

Logo designs, contact info, awareness information or events details can be imprinted on them. These ballpoint ink pens can be used as giveaways by medical clinic’s, hospitals, fertility specialist, doctor’s offices, non-profits and reproductive services. These personalized floating sperm and egg pen carry a custom message and speak to the user whenever they are in their hand.  The custom floating sperm and egg pen is just one design, but the floating style pen is not limited to having sperms and eggs in the upper section of the tube.  The floating items can be almost any item.  For example, some Floating pens contain floating eyeballs, soccer balls, baseballs, hearts, gold dust as well as many others. We can even create a custom design with miniature floating items of your choice.

Like other pens, our custom floating sperm and egg pens  are custom imprinted with stock colors like colors such as blue, black, red, green, etc. or we can even perform color matching for a specific PMS color.  Use this pen for all of your writing needs, including notes or drawing your favorite sketches. This pen’s unique design makes it a memorable giveaway.  Because of their floating design they are very popular.

Sperm and Egg Pens

Sperm and Egg Pens for Medical and Reproductive Services

Our personalized floating egg and sperm pen have evolved beyond just writing pens and become collectable items because they are unique and make great conversation pieces.  With all of the variations in floating these appeals to many different business concepts. With your information or awareness messages imprinted on them, they remain in circulation marketing your brand indefinitely.  These pens are comfortable and easy to write with.

Floating Sperm and Egg Pens are a great marketing tool for the medical industry.  Check out our assortment of Floating pens today and place your order.