Novelty Pens Make Writing Fun

Put a little fun back into writing with our personalized novelty pens. From theme pens to fun shaped pens, they are wonderful giveaways and gifts for clients and employees. These novelty pens would brighten up the office, classroom, and pen holder. Browse through our collection now and select your favorite design. Promotional Novelty pens are colorful and fun, making it interesting and attractive to all, especially potential clients using the pens. It’s fun and to write with novelty pens.  Employees also like these pens, because it creates a sense of loyalty to write using your favorite personalized novelty pen.

Novelty Paint Brush Pens

Novelty Paint Brush Pens

Promotional novelty pens are an ideal way to promote your branding. Whether you are building brand awareness in your locality, trying to reach out to already existing customers, or solicit new customers, these pens make great tradeshow giveaway items for this purpose. We have high-quality pens specially designed to meet your business needs. You can choose from our collection a design that suits your brand. You can imprint a message or logo that gives your personalized novelty pen a custom appeal. You can choose a promotional novelty pen which reminds your clients of your valuable brand and services. Or, you can get personalized novelty pen just to make them smile. We have several styles to choose from depending on your needs and available to fit within your budget.
Personalized novelty pens are suitable for business events and other special events that allow you to build connections and gain contacts. It is a fun and easy way to start conversion. The bright and colorful fun designs will make it easy for customers and associates to remember you. Remember that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, put your brand image on our personalized novelty pens and watch it spread effortlessly. Your customers and associates will appreciate a novelty pen with your logo of message on it.
Promotional novelty pens are conversation starters.  Send to your loyal customers so they can use it to write down important meetings. These gifts can also serve as a gift for your employees for daily use. By using the company pens your employees will gladly show off the company pride and brand.

Novelty Level Pens

Novelty Level Pens

Personalized novelty pens made from high-quality materials can withstand daily use. Whether you are a story writer or an office worker, these pens will serve till the last drop of ink in the tube. It is super ideal for fast-paced business expositions and conferences where. It is an easy way to advertise your brand in a public gathering. Whether you are reaching out to old loyal customers or meeting potential new clients, these pens should be inclusive in your marketing plan.
You can browse our collection of personalized novelty pens today and make choose one that fits your business needs. Our promotional novelty pens will catch the attention of potential customers. In addition to our novelty pen options, be sure to check out our selection of business promotional pens.

Airplane Pens for the Aviation Industry

Looking around in places like airports, hangers, airplane factories, airline counters and flight schools, one can easily spot personalized pens that come in different styles of an airplane pen. Aviation pens most often appear in the personalized and imprinted variety representing the flying community. Airplane pens are a unique writing with personalizing on it perfectly suited for the marketing the airline industry. Customizing adds a sense of class and value to the item. An imprinted airplane pen is remarkable, easy to spot and stands out among other pens. On a desk or counter, you can easily pick out a personalized airplane pen because of its peculiar shape and design.

Commercial Jetliner Airplane Pens

Commercial Jetliner Airplane Pens

Personalized airplane pens come in different shapes, colors, and sizes depending on the aim and intended use. Our selection of imprinted airplane pens is vast, and often unique. Our ballpoint pens are made from a variety of materials resembling a variety of aircraft shapes. Some are made in the USA. Our airplane pen brands are durable and have relatively long life. They are lightweight and comfortable, making them a good choice for writing. Some of our Aviation ballpoint pens even have a choice of Black or Blue writing ink cartridges.

Our imprinted plane pens are great as a corporate thank you gift or as a strategy for a business branding. The personalized designs on these pens fly a long way in marketing the company’s’ brand or logo it represents. We can imprint your organizations’ message, dreams, values, logo, or trademark on one of our custom airplane pens. One of the primary reason’s companies use them, is to get their logo into the hands of their customers. Personalized jet pens are a great way to display and show off your brand to people in and out of the Aviation Industry.

Receiving an Imprinted airplane pen is a real thrill at aviation events, airshows, and aeronautical trade shows, and therefore make great giveaways. What could be more perfect at a flying event than an airplane pen? Whether you’re flying a commercial jetliner or a single engine prop plane, airplane shaped pens make them a unique fit for the aviation industry. An aircraft enthusiast or a student pilot can keep the dream alive by using one our personalized airplane pens with your flight school logo on it. Bulk purchases are available for organizations or individuals looking for an ideal corporate gift or a brand awareness pen. Classic and sleek, some with a unique clip our airplane pens have an easy grip for comfort. They’re lightweight and will fly off with your customers.

Personalized airplane pens can be customized with any imprint depending on the promotional use intended. The pens unique aviation design and color along with your imprint makes them a memorable gift. Promotional pens come in a variety of barrel colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for the perfect giveaway for an Aviation Trade Show or need something for everyday advertising, these aircraft pens will fly high. Imprinted pens can also be a good choice for employee or customer gifts to say thank you.

Simply add your logo or message to create an effective piece of branding that can take your company in a new Marketing Direction. Browse our assortment today.

Promotional Pens for Everyday Life

In the world today ballpoint pens have gone beyond just a writing instrument.  An extensive variety of custom ballpoint pens are available.  We offer a full line of casual, classic and contemporary designed promotional pens.  We even have a wide selection of shaped pens like Flamingo Pens, Brain Pens, Heart Pens and many more fun themed pens available. Everyone uses a pen on a daily basis writing reports, jotting notes, memos or signing documents.  Even today, people still prefer committing an idea to paper using a pen first before transferring to other forms. It is easy, quick, convenient and some even find it more inspirational.

Custom promotional pens are more than just a writing instrument. It is a mark of identification and a form of brand advertisement. Additionally, it creates a sense of class that attracts an element of care and attention. The way you treat a custom pen is obviously different from the general low budget pen. The ballpoint pen dates as far back as 1888 when the first patent for the pen was filed.  It includes the ink tube, the housing or barrel, and the writing tip. A custom ballpoint pen today comes in several varieties of writing colors of which commons ones are blue and black ink.

Promotional Ballpoint Click Pen 34zdl

Promotional Ballpoint Click Pen 34zdl

Ballpoint pens have found there way into our lifestyles and everyday life.  Its usefulness has gone beyond anyone looking for a custom ballpoint pen that flows easily. With a top-quality ballpoint pen, the user will use the pen repeatedly. Additionally, pens are used both in the home setting as well as in the workplace or car.  The ballpoint pen is a great versatile art medium for casually drawing art designs or just doodling.

If you are looking for custom ballpoint pens for that special occasion, promotion or event, a custom pen like a customized promotional pen would be ideal. Whatever text or logo you place on the pen, would be in the hands of the end-user every time they use it. That is a subtle and smart way for your logo or advertisement to appear in many places you may not ordinarily be able to reach. A custom pen is attractive to both the end user and others who see the pen. A simple design speaks volumes of the brand represented.

A custom ballpoint pen would make you stand out from the crowd. It depicts and displays excellence at a glance. Promotional ballpoint pens do a lot more than market the brand, it also creates a sense of familiarity between the brand and the end-user of the pen. The more often end-user handles the pen, the more he becomes aware and familiar with the brand. The end-user can easily find your business.  Place an order for custom ballpoint pens today and expand the reach of your brand.

When your customer wants to write a “thank you” on a card or compose a handwritten letter? Have them use a promotional pen with your text or logo on it today.

Novelty Pens to Write With and make you Smile

There are novelty pens that combine creative ideas and fun, making your pen look, really interesting, attention grabbing and funny all at the same time. There are fun pens which you can gift to your customers. There are pens that can be used to reward co-workers. There are pens that can make you smile even during tough hours. There are pens such as goofy ones which have a whacky look portraying a laughing joker or a crazy guy who can make you smile. The novelty pen comes with a suction cup base that ensures you can carry the pen around easily. The figurine in some pens can be tapped making the face or the figure wobble forward and backwards. Some pens even come with other unique features and innovative aspects such as laughing sounds that can be heard when you press them.

Dog Novelty Pen

Personalized Novelty Pens can be found easily. Quality and appearance are very important.  That is why it is a great idea to order these pens online at great prices. You can get some of the most unique, colorful, creative and funny pens, for a great price. You can get a lower price by ordering in bulk. You can also get the benefit of custom designing and personalization to an extent that you can get your own message, company logo, etc. printed on the pens. In fact, you can also pick and choose the color, size and font in which the message or writing will appear on the pen. There are dozens of different fonts from which to pick.  You will want to choose the one that suits your preferences.

Novelty Dog Pens

Novelty pens look unique but are also designed to last long. They are designed for everyday use. Some pens are also designed with a good grip so that you can write comfortably with them. Even the most bulky looking pens are curved enough at the center for easy handling. Even pens in unique shapes like the spine pen or the giraffe pen can be handled easily and used with ease. The best retractable ball pens can be ordered in bulk and personalized for a variety of uses. Many novelty pens are available in an assortment of colors and are also ideal for stimulating creative thought.

Promote a cause in style with the Unique Spine Pen

The spine pen is a great way of promoting an event, a cause or a brand. This is one of the more elegant, yet funny pen designs that looks different and leaves an impression on the individual’s mind. In fact, to imitate the spine even more closely, the unique pen with its intricate design carries the color of the bone. You can gift it to someone, considering it can be custom personalized with a barrel imprint. The 6 inch spine pen is excellent for usage especially in the medical industry, whether it is by doctors or nurses, surgeons or chiropractors, technicians or hospital staff and can also be used to advertise a newly opened clinic, hospital or any other medical center.

Spine Pens

The spine pen is usually about half an inch in diameter and comes with an imprint size that is about 0.75 inches and has a width of about 0.25 inches. The pen is light in weight with 100 of them weighing about 2.8lbs allowing you to order for them in bulk, specially customized or designed to be given away as a gift or for promotion. Interestingly, you can imprint logo art as well on the pen, as long as you provide camera ready art with resolution independent colors on compatible file formats. These novelty spine pens can be ordered for various reasons. They can be used as custom pens in offices especially where there is creativity and art involved, in order to motivate people. There are personalized pens too which can be gifted to promote a particular cause. The pens can also be custom imprinted with images that are provided by those who order for these in bulk.

Spine Pen

Costing as low as about a dollar, spine pens offer great value especially when used for promotional purposes. When you want to hand out personalized or customized pens, the costs go over the roof. Spine pens always come in handy and given the unique shape and design, it leaves an imprint over the person who receives it. It could find great use in conferences, meetings, discussions, presentations, workshops and sales events where you try to reach out to a target audience implementing every single trick in the book. The unique spine shaped pen stays in the mind of the people who received it. The custom imprinted logos or graphic art can only make that impression last longer. These novelty pens can be ordered in different colors depending upon individual preferences and that adds to the variety which the pens already provide with their designs.

The irresistible appeal of the Swanky Pen

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money when you give away promotional gifts. Sometimes, with a touch of art and a hint of creativity you can cut short on your promotional costs while ensuring that you don’t compromise on the effect of that promotional gift. A swanky pen for example is a wonderful way of reaching out to people and promoting your brand, your cause, your message or just the relationship. It could be a great personalized gift, especially when it is quite possible to get custom imprinting on the pens.

Swanky Pens

Swanky Pens can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it for marketing and advertising, for business or for events or at special occasions too. These pens can be ordered in a wide variety of pen barrel colors to suit your preferences. When ordering in bulk, you can request for different kinds of colors for a more vibrant effect. You can also order it with customized imprints, location imprints or logos. The barrel colors include a wide array of choices such as yellow and orange, red and pink, purple and sky blue, reflex blue and dark blue and an assortment of other shades and stripes. There are stock imprint colors as well which can be used for text or for logo or for both. While there are sample images, these pens can be ordered for personalized gifts with logos sent in files to be printed on the pen.

Swanky Pen

With its lovely curvy shape and ball head, the swanky pen can be ordered in shades such as light blue and hot pink, dark yellow and bright red, burgundy and grey, royal blue and even in black. Besides, you can choose the font for the personalized message you would like imprinted on the pen. This could be century gothic, comic sans, future, Helvetica, mistral, monotype corsiva, times new roman or any of the other listed choices. One of the best things about ordering for customized, personalized swanky pens is that you can give specific instructions for the detailed layout. This could be your idea to promote your company with a logo. No one who receives this beautiful pen would want to part with it and that is a great way of making sure that the brand image gets publicized amongst as many people as possible. These pens can be used for making personal events memorable as well.

Unique Traits of the Thumbs Up Bend A Pen

There are dime a dozen pens available in stationary shops today. Each of these pens is designed to serve a different set of people. Over the years, writing has been the only purpose that pens served, but today they have transcended boundaries and have proven to be valuable in more than one ways. The novelty pens are relatively new to the industry, but they have risen in popularity within a short span of time because of the unique features they possess. Bendable pens such as the Thumbs Up Bend A Pen, Bendable Cow Pen,
Original Bend A Pen and others are now valuable marketing tools that have helped many businesses gain recognition.

Thumbs Up Bend A Pen

One of the main traits of the Thumbs Up Bend A Pen is the shape of its body and the material that is used to make it. Unlike the regular pens, the body of the bendable pens are not made of plastic. Instead, they are made of flexible and soft materials that do not break when they are bent. The flexibility of these pens makes them a good stress reliever as well. If you do not have a punching bag around or a stress ball at your desk, flexing these pens when you feel excessive stress troubling you can bring respite. Certain pens carry the risk of losing color when they are used extensively. However, with this flexi pen you can be assured that the color stays on for years and years without showing signs of fading.

Thumbs Up Bend A Pen

The Thumbs Up Bend A Pen is shaped in the form of a smiling figurine displaying the thumbs up sign. Just a simple glance towards this pen can make you feel motivated and energized. While one end of the pen carries the head and the hands of the figurine, the cap of this pen serves as the feet using which these writing accessories can be made to stand erect on a plain surface. Customers can choose among colors such as black, red, blue and light green while purchasing them. The size and type of font can also be chosen by the customers based on the amount of information they would like to have printed on the barrel of these pens.

The Thumbs Up Bend A Pen has a cheerful disposition that is hard to resist.  Since they have a universally appealing design, these pens can be used as promotional merchandise for various businesses.

Setting up a business is a challenging task today

Setting up a business is a challenging task today. Irrespective of the nature of your business, you have to be prepared to face tough competition from all quarters. With every one eying for a large share in the market, you have to be shrewd to reach out to your target audience and stay ahead of your competitors. There are a number of ways in which you can advertise or market your company and the products and services you have on offer. However, most of them are expensive and are not effective in reaching out to a large audience. One of the most affordable ways to market your business and convey the business message and products and services on offer to your target audience is to opt for custom pens. These are stationery items that are used by people across all age groups. The imprinted pen can work wonders in ensuring you stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

Custom pens are pens that are created to suit the nature of your business and the products you have for your target audience. These fun pens are highly attractive and garner attention easily. You can also get the name, logo and contact details of your business imprinted on this pen which is the reason it is also referred to as the imprinted pen.

These custom pens can serve as excellent corporate gifts since they are a perfect blend of visual appeal and functionality. You can also distribute them to the audience present  during corporate events and other promotional activities. This will help you reach out to a larger number of people in the market. The cost associated with the imprinted pen is low, therefore enabling you to buy thousands of them at a fraction of the prices you would have had to pay for traditional way of advertising.

Why Should You Buy Alligator Pens?

Is there an exact reason why everyone likes to receive a novelty pen? It’s just one of those joyous little things in life: it is easy to make, it does not cost much and you could give it to anyone and it would brighten up their day. One of the best things about novelty pens is the sheer variety that you have to choose from. You can find a type of pen which perfectly fits the personality of everyone you know. If not that, you can get one that matches their interests, their passions or even their occupations. A pilot can get an airplane pen. A sci-fi fan can get a Star Wars pen. An animal lover can get alligator pens. The possibilities are endless.

Alligator Pen

When you go for a novelty pen you also have to pick the style since there are many to choose from. The classic would be the pen top which is bent into the outline of a particular shape. If you were looking for an alligator pen, for instance, you could find some which are bent in the form of an alligator. It is simple and traditional and it has a certain appeal to it.

Alligator Pens

Of course, there are more sophisticated designs out there for people that have a specific type of pen in mind. But you could also wonder who could you buy an alligator pens for? Well, in reality, that should be a pretty long list, as the alligator is one of the most popular animals in the world, especially with people that love reptiles. There is also a small portion of the population that works with these animals in their daily jobs so they could also like such a pen. One of the main factors that would determine whether a person might like an alligator pen or not is the environment they live in. People that tend to be around these animals regularly might have a certain fondness for them.

Exploring the World of Fun Pens

Pens are among the most important writing tools available in the market today. These are stationery items that are used lifelong by almost every person all over the world. Despite the advent of computers and other technologically advanced accessories, pens still continue to rule the roost because they have evolved with time to suit the changing requirements of people. Though they still continue to be used mainly for writing, there are many other purposes they currently serve. Their versatility is one of the main reasons for their reigning popularity. Though there are myriad pens available in the market, fun pens are among the most sought after variants.

As the name says, the fun pen is an accessory that instantly puts a smile on the face of any person, irrespective of their age and gender. These pens are designed in a plethora of shapes and designs to ensure people find the ones that they prefer. These pens are ideal for every occasion ranging from birthday parties to corporate events. Whether you want to advertise your new toy store or take the recent gadget developed by your company to your target audience, these pens will prove to be the ideal marketing tools.

Fun pens also adorn the work desks in many offices. With the stress level at the work place increasing by the day, people are on the lookout for accessories that can help them de-stress and bring a smile to their face despite the challenges. This is exactly what this pen does, which is the reason it is popular among the corporate audience. More often than not, children need to be provided with stationery items they can enjoy if you want them to enjoy the art of writing. An increasing number of parents all over the world are buying the fun pen for their children to introduce them to the world of writing. This has proven to be successful in most cases. There are novelty pens that are specifically designed for the little ones based on the most popular cartoon characters and things they can easily relate to.

These pens can be divided into two major categories, namely the use-and-throw pens and the refill pens. The former is priced lower than the latter, but they cannot be used for years. They can be used only as long as the ink within it lasts. After that, you can use it either as a show piece or discard it. On the other hand, the refill novelty pens are highly useful. Though they cost marginally higher, they are highly recommended since they can serve well for years. If you want to break away from the monotony of life, you need to surround yourself with items that can entertain you as well as serve you well. It is time to keep boredom at bay and foray into the world of fun pens.