Unique Traits of the Thumbs Up Bend A Pen

There are dime a dozen pens available in stationary shops today. Each of these pens is designed to serve a different set of people. Over the years, writing has been the only purpose that pens served, but today they have transcended boundaries and have proven to be valuable in more than one ways. The novelty pens are relatively new to the industry, but they have risen in popularity within a short span of time because of the unique features they possess. Bendable pens such as the Thumbs Up Bend A Pen, Bendable Cow Pen,
Original Bend A Pen and others are now valuable marketing tools that have helped many businesses gain recognition.

Thumbs Up Bend A Pen

One of the main traits of the Thumbs Up Bend A Pen is the shape of its body and the material that is used to make it. Unlike the regular pens, the body of the bendable pens are not made of plastic. Instead, they are made of flexible and soft materials that do not break when they are bent. The flexibility of these pens makes them a good stress reliever as well. If you do not have a punching bag around or a stress ball at your desk, flexing these pens when you feel excessive stress troubling you can bring respite. Certain pens carry the risk of losing color when they are used extensively. However, with this flexi pen you can be assured that the color stays on for years and years without showing signs of fading.

Thumbs Up Bend A Pen

The Thumbs Up Bend A Pen is shaped in the form of a smiling figurine displaying the thumbs up sign. Just a simple glance towards this pen can make you feel motivated and energized. While one end of the pen carries the head and the hands of the figurine, the cap of this pen serves as the feet using which these writing accessories can be made to stand erect on a plain surface. Customers can choose among colors such as black, red, blue and light green while purchasing them. The size and type of font can also be chosen by the customers based on the amount of information they would like to have printed on the barrel of these pens.

The Thumbs Up Bend A Pen has a cheerful disposition that is hard to resist.  Since they have a universally appealing design, these pens can be used as promotional merchandise for various businesses.

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