Be a Patriot with the Abe Lincoln Pen

Novelty pens have a special place in our hearts. We appreciate the fun and joy which they can bring into our lives. Sure, at the end of the day, we are simply talking about pens, but that is not how people passionate about novelty pens see things. To them, a pen is just a pen only if you lack imagination. Novelty pens allow them to express themselves and to show their individuality by taking something practical and efficient, yet dull and standard, and turning it into a banana or a baseball bat, something fun and colorful that expresses the outgoing and friendly nature of the person using it.
If you want to buy a novelty pen you might find some difficulty selecting the type of pen that fits you best. If you truly want it to reflect your personality, you need to ask yourself what your true interests are and make a decision based on those. For example, history buffs can choose an Abe Lincoln Pen in order to show their passion for great Americans, as well as significant parts of American history.
There are several advantages and disadvantages to choosing Abe Lincoln Pens. One of the main flaws is that it restricts its target audience much more than a banana novelty pen which has a much broader appeal. The people that would like an Abe Lincoln Pen are most likely Americans who are interested in history. Everyone else might even have trouble realizing who the pen represents, depending on the style of it.
However, there are also good parts. First of all, by having an Abe Lincoln Pen you can use it very efficiently to create an identity for yourself because it is so specific. Secondly, it is original. What are the chances of meeting another person that has one of the same Abe Lincoln Pens as you? Lastly, you show that you have respect for what is unanimously considered to be one of the greatest Americans that ever lived.