How Can You Best Use a Toothbrush Pen?

Novelty pens are very amusing, but they are just for fun, for the most part. Sure, they still retain the practicality of an otherwise normal pen, but there is not much purpose to them besides that. That is, unless you have a little imagination. In that case you can take something like a toothbrush pen and make it work to your advantage.

The first thing to ask yourself when you see a toothbrush pen is who could benefit from using that? One answer would be dentists. Besides the fact that a dentist would like to receive such an item simply as a gift, a smart dentist would also use it as a marketing tool. The great thing about novelty pens is that they are cheap, especially when you buy them in bulk. That means that it would be easy for a dentist to buy a lot of toothbrush pens and then simply give them out either to his patients when they come in for a checkup or just distribute them to people on the street. Seeing a toothbrush automatically brings up the image of the dentist’s office in our heads so the link between the two would be obvious for most people. Not only that, but these pens can be easily imprinted with the logo, name of the company and address so they will work as a guaranteed way to bring in more patients.

Toothbrush pens can also be a good gift to remind people to brush their teeth. People have to write a lot and everyone can use all the extra help in the world remembering to brush their teeth. This is the perfect way to combine these two problems and offer one solution. It is important to teach the value of proper oral health and this is a chance to do this in a fun, simple and non-intrusive way.